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invisible aligner from OneSmile- partnered with teethos dental clinic

OneSmile the

ultimate solution for teeth aligner.

Achieve your dream smile effortlessly!
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Our aligners are user-friendly and compatible with any smartphone, making it a breeze to incorporate them into your daily routine.

ai assisted monitong app for invisible aligner from onesmile
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Experience the convenience of a free consultation with our expert team, guiding you towards your perfect smile.

expert dentist will monitor the progress remotely
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Advanced technology sourced from Germany, France, and the USA, ensuring exceptional results.

onesmile invisble aligner is made of advanced technology
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Halal certification, ensuring our aligners meet strict quality standards.

halal certification products - one smile

OneSmile offers additional benefits

that make your orthodontic journey even more remarkable

With OneSmile, Teethos Dental Clinic goes above and beyond to provide you with exceptional care and support.

Once you subscribe to any OneSmile Package, our team becomes your dedicated dentist, available to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout your treatment journey. Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling appointments, as we're just a message away, ready to guide and assist you every step of the way.

contact us to get started for free consultation from teethos dental clinic
free consultation from teethos dental clinic

Contact us to get started

You can obtain your very own invisible teeth aligner by reaching out to us, as we are proud to be a premium partner of OneSmile. We offer a complimentary consultation and free scanning during your initial visit.

starter kit delivery to your home from onesmile - invisible aligner service from teethos dental clinic
get the starter kit from onesmile after consulted teethos dental clinic

Wait for your kits and invisible aligner to arrive at your doorstep

After the consultation session, you will be recommended the suitable package. Then, all you need to do is wait for the starter kit to arrive at your doorstep. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to send back your information, which will be used to manufacture your invisible aligner.

progressive montioring with the AI assisted app
progressive montioring with the AI assisted app

Align. Monitor. Smile.

Enjoy stunning results with our aligner and A.I. monitoring app.

Receive your OneSmile invisible aligner within 14 days. Start using it immediately without the need to visit our clinic. Our dedicated dentists will monitor and evaluate your progress remotely through the AI monitoring app. Enjoy the convenience of transforming your smile from the comfort of your own home.

  • How long does brace treatment usually take?
    The duration varies depending on individual cases, but treatment typically ranges from 12 to 24 months or longer.
  • Will wearing braces be painful?
    While there may be some initial discomfort, it's generally manageable. Our team will guide you on pain relief options.
  • Can I still eat my favorite foods with braces?
    Yes, you can still enjoy most foods, but some sticky or hard foods may need to be avoided to protect your braces.
  • How often do I need to visit for adjustments?
    The frequency of visits for adjustments may vary on a case-by-case basis, as every patient's progress is unique. Our experienced doctors will assess your individual needs and advise you on the recommended routine for optimal results.
  • What happens after my braces are removed?
    After braces, you'll likely need to wear a retainer to maintain your newly aligned smile. Our team will guide you.
  • Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?
    Absolutely! Our teeth whitening treatments are safe and performed by experienced professionals.
  • How long does the whitening process take?
    Treatment duration varies, but you can achieve noticeable results in just a single session.
  • Will my teeth become sensitive after whitening?
    Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity, but it should subside shortly after treatment.
  • How long will the whitening effects last?
    The longevity of results varies, but with proper oral care, your bright smile can last for months.

With OneSmile Invisible Aligner, you'll experience personalised attention and peace of mind, knowing that expert dental care is always within reach.

clients after wearing the onesmile invisible aligner from teethos dental clinic
onesmile invisible aligner model

Still unsure about getting your own OneSmile Invisible Aligner? Don't hesitate to reach out to us and send in your inquiry.

onesmile invisible aligner product image

Undetectable Design

Our OneSmile Invisible Braces are so subtle they're virtually unnoticeable. Seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle, you can confidently converse, laugh, and socialise without anyone knowing you're on a journey to a straighter smile. Now, that's a secret worth keeping!

Your Teeth, Your Perfect Fit

Custom-Made Precision Fit

Every smile is unique, and so is every set of OneSmile Invisible Braces. Tailor-made to fit your teeth perfectly, these braces provide comfort and precision unlike any other. They're not just braces, they're your personal smile-crafting tool, working meticulously to align your teeth while you go about your day.

Your Smile Journey, Backed by Cutting-Edge AI and Personalized Dental Care

AI-Powered Monitoring & Dedicated Dental Support

The future of dental care is here. OneSmile Invisible Braces comes with an advanced AI-powered app that lets you monitor your progress right from your smartphone. And that's not all - a dedicated dentist is always just a tap away, ready to guide you every step of your journey. With Teethos Dental Clinic, your pocket is the new dental office!

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